The Kennady North Project is located 280 kilometres east-northeast of Yellowknife, NT in the District of Mackenzie.

The property consists of five mineral leases and eight mineral claims totaling 30,532 acres, or 12,356 hectares. The project covers an area roughly 20 kilometres long and 15 kilometres wide.


Kennady North covers a portion of the southeastern Slave Geological Province, an Archean terrain ranging in age from 4.03 Ga to 2.55 Ga. The area consists of granodiorite intrusions, high grade gneisses and migmatites, along with volcanic and sedimentary supracrustal rocks typical of many greenstones belts in the Slave Province. The emplacement of kimberlite bodies in the area is believed to have occurred approximate 542 Ma during the Cambrian Period. Erosional processes since emplacement have had the significant effect of stripping the kimberlites down to their root zones, preserving only the hypabyssal and diatreme facies.

Kennady Diamonds