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    Kennady Diamonds is a leading Canadian diamond exploration company headquartered in Toronto. The company’s exploration focus is on the 100 percent controlled Kennady North project, located immediately adjacent to the De Beers/Mountain Province Diamonds Gahcho Kué diamond mine in Canada’s Northwest Territories.

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    The Kennady North


    The Kennady North Project is located 280 kilometers east-northeast of Yellowknife. The property consists of 16 mineral leases and 58 mineral claims totaling 61,000 hectares. Four diamond-bearing kimberlites discovered at Kennady North are being assessed for their economic potential. Click below for diamond recoveries and photos, as well as kimberlite models and project maps.

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    Stock Quotes & Charts

    See the current stock quotes and charts, our latest corporate presentation, annual and quarterly financial reports, regulatory filings, shareholder contacts and a list of analysts.

    Investor Information

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    ​Diamond Mining


    Diamond mines are extremely rare, and the world supply is expected to remain essentially flat over the next few decades as demand increases. New supply is in high demand. Canada is the first country in the developed world to produce and market high quality diamonds, and is benefiting from an increasingly important role in the global market.

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    Read the latest


    Kennady Diamonds strives to keep shareholders current with developments at Kennady North through the issuance of regular news releases. View our latest news release and browse our archive of previous releases.

    News Releases

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About Kennady Diamonds

Kennady Diamonds Inc. controls 100 percent of the Kennady North diamond project located in Canada’s Northwest Territories. Kennady North is adjacent to the Gahcho Kué Diamond Mine, a joint venture between De Beers Canada (51%) and Mountain Province (49%). Kennady is focused on expanding its high-grade diamond resources along the Kelvin–Faraday kimberlite corridor, as well as identifying new kimberlites outside of the corridor. To date an indicated resource of 13.62 million carats of diamonds contained in 8.50 million tonnes of kimberlite, with a grade of 1.60 carats per tonne and an average value of US$63 per carat has been defined for the Kelvin kimberlite and an inferred resource of 5.02 million carats contained in 3.27 million tonnes of kimberlite, with a grade of 1.54 carats per tonne and an average value of US$98 per carat has been defined for the Faraday kimberlites using a 1mm diamond bottom cut-off size. The Kelvin – Faraday corridor is also a target for further exploration.

Objectives for H1 2018

  • Focused exploration to discover new kimberlites in the Kelvin–Faraday Corridor.
  • Continue exploration and delineation drilling on the Faraday kimberlites.
  • Complete pre-feasibility geotechnical study on the Faraday kimberlites.
  • Initiate studies to evaluate the geochemical properties of ore and waste.
  • Continue environmental baseline studies initiated in 2017.